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LeBron Has 3,000,000 Petition Signatures To ‘End The NBA Anthem’. And He’s Not Done.

After walking out on the National Anthem last week, LeBron James followed up by issuing an ultimatum to the NBA, threatening to quit the league if the Star Spangled Banner, or, as he called it, “that stupid song,” was played again in his presence, James has decided just his games being without patriotism is not enough. LeBron has been privately circulating a petition amongst NBA fans alone demanding that our anthem be eliminated from all league events permanently. And he’s having success with finding support. After only 3 days, James has gathered a monumental 3 million signatures, a staggering number for such a short time frame.

He says the volume is “Indicative of of how fed up black America is with being subjected to that racist tune” and vowed to continue his signature drive for a full month.

And he went on:

“3 million. 3 days. At this rate, the entire country will be behind me.

I stand with Kaepernick. Or kneel with him. Whatever.

This league is made up mostly of people of like me. It would be nothing without us. Everyone knows it. Hell, they made a movie to make fun of them. Wordy Harrelson and Wesley Snipes. They can’t jump. EVERYONE knows the NBA would die without our talents.

Knowing this, the league still disrespects us with that STUPID F***ING RACIST SONG! We’ve had enough. And the fans have had enough, as these signatures show.

It’s gotta go.”

Just shut the league down, we say. America would be better off without them.

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