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Due To Impeachment, Pelosi Halts Trump’s Presidential Salary

It’s well-known that President Trump donates his salary to a worthy cause every quarter, but after his historic impeachment by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat led Congress, it appears that will no longer be an option. Using a statute in impeachment article 4-C of the United State’s Presidential criminality code, she has halted any and all payments.

The order States that a President convicted of criminal activity while in office can not receive money or compensation of any kind for the remainder of his term. Moreover, Trump may also be forced to pay for wear and tear on White House furniture and properties, including several chairs in the oval office that have collapsed under his considerable weight, as well as 44 toilets that have been replaced due to massive structural failure and extreme pluggage. The total of these damages is near 4 million dollars.

Pelosi is also looking at whether or not she can back-charge the failed President for Wi-Fi, electric, and water bills accrued during his stay in the White House, as well as a host of fines and penalties connected to the time and effort of Congress to bring about the impeachment procedure.

All in all, for President Trump, this impeachment may be costlier than he ever imagined. Lets hope he got a couple of seasons of “Apprentice” money in cash.

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