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Omar Thinks the Constitution Is ‘Really a Bad Thing for the Country’

How can Democrats even pretend to be patriotic? They don’t seem to like anything about America. Not our laws, not our traditions, not our morality, and not our Constitution.

A great example of this occurred today when Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar uttered words that go against all that we stand for. At a charity event to raise money for Mandalorian armor, Omar trashed the foundations of America, saying that our Constitution was a failure. The full speech follows:

“Our Constitution slows everything down. You have to jump through all these hoops with Congress in order to pass any bill. It’s ridiculous. It’s archaic.

The Constitution is the only thing stopping Trump from being able to do whatever he wants. If it weren’t for that piece of paper Trump would be able to become the authoritarian dictator that he has always wanted to be. Isn’t that what we all want? America would be great again. No more Congress standing in Trump’s way. His wisdom is all we need. Trump doesn’t need Congress. It’s bad for America.

The people elected Donald Trump because they wanted him to have power for life. They wanted him to have total control, like a king. The stupid constitution won’t let that happen. Time to rip it up.”

It’s a little confusing, but we think she’s against the constitution, though that may have been mocking sarcasm. We’re just not sure. That quote in the headline sounds vaguely familiar…

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