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Ocasio-Cortez On the Budget : ‘We Pay Soldiers Too Much’

The Cucaracha of Congress, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is fairly well-known for spouting out little “ideas” that most people would figure out were, well, dumb.  This time, it seems the Baby Boss has been perusing the proposed budget sheet for the upcoming months, and had her little mind blown by what she saw, leading her to proclaim in an open session of Congress that : “Wow!  We pay soldiers WAY too much!”

The average pray for an American soldier today works out to about $23.50 per hour. Just to compare, Colin Kaepernick makes millions a year to kneel for the anthem that they fight for and yap about sneakers. Who’s making too much money, half-pint?

Let’s not mention that the Pampered Pixie herself makes more than that just dancing on the walls in Congress and giving little speeches about how offended she was by the President tweeting.  All he said was if you don’t like the country, leave.  Totally not racist.  There are black countries and Latino countries, you know. You can go back to them.  Use your crybaby money to get an aisle seat.

Luckily, Derpette Smurfette hasn’t actually made any moves to affect military pay rates, nor has she mentioned that she plans to.  That’s good.  Because sweetheart, trust me : you don’t want a couple dozen angry jarheads to show up at your bar on the next karaoke Friday.

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