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Obama Tweet On Al Baghdad:’A Great Man, An Innocent Man, & My Friend’

It’s been widely speculated that Barack Obama is the man behind the formation of ISIS at the end of the twentieth century and that he has funded them and supplied them with arms and intelligence ever since. He has pubicly stated that he sympathized with their cause and even hinted that he would provide them with American resources should they be in need during his 2008 State of the Union address. These statements are irrefutable facts, captured on video and broadcast to the entire nation.

So it came as no surprise today when Obama used his Twitter account to send out words of sadness about the death of Abu Yasr Al Bigdadi, who he called a “dear friend,” as seen below.

Several other tweets followed, and were quickly deleted, but not before screenshots were captured by “Obamawatcher”, who are completely dedicated to keeping track of Obama’s crime and corruption. What is interesting about these captured images is their language. All were written in Arabic, seen here:

They have been roughly translated by our staff Arabic expert, Josephine Bar Ron, who had a Saudi neighbor once, as “Didn’t do it”, “”Thanks for your wife”, and “Twenty and over.” What these mean or if they were translated correctly is anybody’s guess, but the strongest theory to date is that it is a coded message for his minions in ISIS, both here and abroad.

Mourning an evil master’s death, friending terrorists, coded Arabic tweets sent into the Twitterverse then removed from sight. It seems clear where Obama’s loyalties lie and they’re not in the USA.You

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