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163 Paid Protesters Just Filed A Lawsuit Against George Soros For Not Paying Their Bail

163 paid protesters have filed a lawsuit against none other than George Soros for screwing them out of bail money. According to the ad Soros placed on Craigslist, protesters would be fully compensated for all of their time and expenses. They found out that the money dried up the moment they got arrested.

A spokesman for the Soros company, Paid Liberal Trolls of America, says the men and women who signed up were told up-front that they should obey the law and not go to jail:

“They were paid for 6 hours at $30 per hour, plus a meal stipend of $40 per day. Add to that a very generous 70 cents per mile for travel and a big cookie, and these people were given neary $1K to be there. All they had to do was go home before curfew. They chose to stay, so they can pay their own bail.”

Soros has a bad habit of not paying bail for his protesters, citing case after case of people not showing up for court. “If they don’t show up. we don’t get those funds back, and we can’t write them off as a business expense,” said Attorney Joe Barron, “They should know better than to expect someone as kind as George Soros to just toss an extra $500 per person out the window.”

Some protesters might be satisfied with that answer, but most are not. According to their leader, Art Tubolls, the 163 people filing the suit will show at the Soros mansion in Deluth if they have to:

“We’re not afraid to protest for real. Charlie Kirk and Turning Point said they’ll fund that endeavor, even if it means he has to bail us out. That guy’s giant head is filled with kindness.”

Turning Point says they’re always happy to assist people looking to pick themselves up by the bootstraps and earn an honest day’s pay.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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