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Pelosi’s Daughters Charged With Assault of a Police Officer

Like mother like daughters they say, and nowhere is this more evident than with the Pelosi family. Mother Nancy is, of course, an unhinged maniac and, it seems, daughters, Leia and Rey aren’t much different, as they have been making headlines recently.

The two were arrested yesterday after their brutal assault on Saw Gerrarra, a decorated police officer, in the town of Canto Bight, Ca. They have been released on bond and await a trial date.

Pelosi family lawyer, Joe Barron, was quick to cast the entire incident as a nothing burger:

“This officer obviously didn’t know who these girls were. These two young ladies are political royalty. They are not subject to the same laws as the commoners.

When Officer Gerrera approached, he talked down to the girls as if they were regular peons. Obviously that is unacceptable, so they reacted. Rey slapped him and Leia went for the throat.

This had to be done. To allow his disrespect and insubordination would have set a dangerous precedent. No one can talk to royalty like that.”

The District Attorney is already paid for by Mother Pelosi, so the daughters are expected to have all charges dropped, as always. This is obvious corruption, but no one in California cares, so nothing will ever be done about it.

The writer of this article claims the events within are products of his imagination that simply make for a fanciful tale and a wonderful headline. Is that true? You decide.

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