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After Biden Claims He ‘Can’t Do Much’ About Gas Prices – Americans Challenge The President For Blaming Putin

Joe Biden showed stunning callousness when discussing the skyrocketing cost of gas. When asked what he was going to do about it he claimed he “can’t do much.” This contradicts what he’s said many times in recent weeks. But to alleviate himself of responsibility, he claims the rising prices were Russia’s fault. That would be believable, if prices hadn’t been increasing since the moment he entered office.

Had he kept the U.S. drilling, we wouldn’t be seeing these reports.

From YouTube:

ABC reported that Americans face “eye-popping” gas prices as prices are “through the roof” and above $4 in 38 states, during a segment on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

And Americans don’t seem to be buying Biden’s claims. They are calling out his b-s.

From Fox News:

Americans feeling the price at the pump told Fox News that President Biden’s claim that he “can’t do much” about soaring gas prices does not add up.

“That’s a bunch of bull,” Chester from Kentucky said…

“No, it has been going for some time now,” Robert told Fox News. “Like inflation, it’s not something that happened in a couple of weeks.”

Anne said she doesn’t understand President Biden’s decision to shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline.

“We have potential to take care of some of our own needs rather than go foreign,” she added.

Americans are rejecting Biden’s claims that Russia is to blame for rising gas prices. They’ve been watching the cost of gas go up all throughout his term. Because Biden shut down American oil production (through a variety of orders), the price of gas kept getting higher. Now, it is spiking because we are no longer buying Russian oil—but haven’t resumed production of our own.

It seems Americans are calling bull on Biden’s excuses. The rest of the administration is no better. Several members of his team have claimed the solution to this gas crisis is for more Americans to buy EVs. Oh, it’s that simple, folks! Just go buy yourself a $100,000 Tesla. But even that isn’t a real solution.

From The Federalist Papers:

As Fox Business recently noted, a one-to-one comparison of the cost of charging an EV versus filling a regular auto with gas showed that EV charging appeared cheaper. But many other factors need to be included in the math to make a true analysis — factors that many EV advocates are desperate to ignore.

The costs associated with installing a home charging—along with higher repair costs for EVs—largely erase the few cents you’ll save over pumping gas. Most Americans can’t dump their current cars for brand-new EVs, nor will they be able to install a charging port (which costs in the thousands). And public charging ports can cost as much as gas, if not more.

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