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After Trump’s Plane Forced Into ‘Emergency Landing’ – Donald Is Asking His Supporters For Assistance

Despite a social media blackout, Donald Trump continues to connect to Americans. His role in recent years has been instrumental in helping the GOP win important elections. And many assume his continued input and guidance will have a major impact on the 2022 midterms. Recently, he spoke at a Republican fundraiser in New Orleans, when something unexpected happened.

From The Western Journal:

The plane shuttling former President Donald Trump from New Orleans to Florida after a weekend speech to Republican Party donors experienced engine failure over the Gulf of Mexico, according to a published report.

No one was injured when the plane made an emergency landing in New Orleans Saturday night, according to The Washington Post.

According to reports, this was not Trump’s personal plane, but one donated for his use. Trump has been working on a new “Trump Force One” and has been updating supporters all about it.

From The Hill:

Trump, through his Save America PAC, sent his supporters an email titled “Update Trump Force One” in which he said that “my team is building a BRAND NEW Trump Force One.”

The fundraising email said he had “a very important update on his plane” and asked potential donors if they remember how the former president used to travel across the U.S. in his own “Trump Force One” before he became “the greatest President of all time.”

The poll links to a donation page that asks supporters to “Contribute ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to send your response to President Trump!”

It appears Trump is working on a new, iconic plane to help his political efforts. Many supporters probably remember his “Trump Force One” plane he used during the 2016 Election. He has talked about preparing a new version of that plane for a while now. In the meantime, he has flown on a plane provided by a supporter. That plane recently experienced an emergency landing—which could have sparked increased interest in his new plane.

Trump’s PAC sent out an email to supporters talking about the new plane. The email appeared to be seeking funds (what most PAC emails are about) that might be used towards finishing the new plane.

His original “Trump Force One” has not been used since 2016. It seems, instead of reusing this plane, he has plans to unveil a brand new one. It is possible he is waiting to start flying in this TF1 until he announces his future plans. Many have been waiting to announce his 2024 plans. It is possible he will release this new plane alongside his possible announcement.


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