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Days After Biden Floats Saudi Arabia Oil Trip – Guantanamo Greenlights Sending To Saudi Arabia ‘The 20th Hijacker’

Today, Joe Biden announced a ban on Russian oil. This move will prevent American companies from buying cheap oil—furthering strain our already crippled energy market. Biden continues to refuse to life bans on American energy production. So, all Americans are forced to watch gas prices skyrocket, putting a huge burden on working families.

What is Biden’s solution? He still refuses to allow America to produce its own oil. As before, he seems to be planning to beg Saudi Arabia, chief member country of OPEC, for oil. He’s even planning a trip there himself.

From Fox News:

President Biden may be exploring additional options for oil with a possible trip to Saudi Arabia in the coming months, a new report said.

According to Axios, the president’s advisers are considering the trip as a way to mend fences with the Islamic nation and get them to produce more oil to offset the loss that would come should the U.S. ban the purchase of oil from Russia.

Some like President Trump could probably convince Saudi Arabia to produce more oil. But Democrats spent years blaming Saudi Arabian leaders for the death of a reporter. Biden’s going to have to do more than “mend fences.” Which might explain this conveniently timed announcement.

From AP News:

A Saudi prisoner at the Guantanamo Bay detention center who was suspected of trying to join the 9/11 hijackers has been sent back to his home country for treatment for mental illness, the Department of Defense said Monday.

Mohammad Ahmad al-Qahtani was flown back to Saudi Arabia, to a treatment facility, from the U.S. base in Cuba after a review board including military and intelligence officials concluded he could be safely released after 20 years in custody.

How interesting. Just as Biden is planning a trip to Saudi Arabia to beg for more oil, a Saudi national imprisoned for years is suddenly released. The report claims he needs treatment for “mental illness.” But after being in jail for 20 years, the timing seems suspect. Especially considering how poorly Joe Biden is at negotiating.

Remember, Democrats laid into Saudi Arabia for a long time over the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Some even demanded sanctions against the entire country, whose leader they blamed for the man’s death. How is Joe Biden, the “leader” of the Democratic Party, going to win over Saudi officials, after all that bad blood?

Maybe, if they release this man back to the country, the Saudis will feel obligated? That could be what Biden’s “genius” officials think. But, chances are, Saudi Arabia will in no way feel obligated to increase oil production over the release of this one man. Biden’s very good at giving other nations all kinds of benefits and perks, but getting nothing for America.

He did the same thing when he pledged millions to Central American countries, who then refused to address the millions of residents fleeing to our border. Is this another episode of that kind of poor negotiations? Could be.

Chances are, Biden and his team have no leverage that can convince Saudi Arabia to lower gas prices.

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