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Biden Sent Spinning By “Great Depression” – In New Poll, Majority Of Americans Tell Joe They Think Another One Is Likely

Just a short time ago, America was on the verge of a new Golden Age. We had more jobs than workers ready to fill them. We were energy dominant, exporting more oil than anyone else in the world. And we were seeing peace in lands we never thought possible, like the Middle East.

It was all made possible because we had a president that did this one silly thing: put America first.

Isn’t shocking how all that can change in just a short time? Joe Biden’s policies haven’t “build back better,” but triggered a tidal wave of crises and economic problems. And his failed administration continues to make it worse, not even trying to correct its mistakes. So, we shouldn’t be surprised that Americans are fearing the worst.

From Rasmussen Reports:

Most Americans don’t expect the stock market to rise in the next year, and more than half worry that the U.S. could face another Great Depression.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 27% of American Adults believe the stock market will be higher a year from now, while 31% expect the stock market to be lower in a year.

According to Rasmussen, more than half of the country thinks another Great Depression is on the way. Most don’t think the stock market is going to get any better in a year, which is a strong indicator of our economy’s future. But for so many to think the very worst could happen? It tells you just how bad things have gotten in just a year.

Joe Biden’s policies have, from nearly day one, hurt the economy. He signed a “stimulus” bill that injected over a trillion new dollars into the economy. That triggered the inflation that hurts us to this day. It also paid millions of Americans not to work, crippling the recovery Trump started in the middle of 2020.

Biden’s failed administration couldn’t handle the supply chain crisis. And his infamous mandates put many more out of work. And his open border is wreaking havoc in states across the country. Meanwhile, he continues with policies that send jobs overseas, shut down our energy sector, and weaken our national security.

Is Biden doing this on purpose to appease globalists? If he was trying to destroy our country, he couldn’t do much worse.

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