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Congress Pulls A Fast One On Washington D.C. Democrats – The GOP Just Banned The Capitol’s Mary Jane Sales


Democrats waited until the 11th hour to put together their massive spending bill. They needed to pass something by the end of the week, or the government would shut down. So, they waited until it was too late to protest, putting forward a 2,700-page bill loaded with earmarks. Even Republicans rushed to vote for this bill, without even reading it.

But if Democrats thought they pulled a fast one on Republicans, they are sorely mistaken. Because Republicans used their eagerness to put in measures they wanted. Local Democrats were eager to get through a measure that would have doomed the city. But Republicans ensured it would not see the light of day.

From The Hill:

A GOP-backed ban on weed sales in Washington, D.C., was preserved in a sprawling government funding bill passed by Congress on Thursday…

The Harris Rider, a provision barring the legalization of recreational marijuana sales in the nation’s capital named after its chief proponent, Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.), sailed through the Senate late Thursday, a day after passing the House, as part of a larger $1.5 trillion spending omnibus package to fund the government through fiscal year 2022.

While Democrats were patting themselves on the back for getting this massive spending bill through, Republicans put in a measure to keep marijuana sales illegal in D.C. Democrats had counted on the narrow deadline to ensure the bill was passed. But that also meant they didn’t have time to block this rider, which would make recreational marijuana sales illegal in the capital city.

Democrats have been pushing to legalize recreational weed all throughout the country. They claim it’s a “social” and “criminal justice” issue. But they haven’t looked at how legalizing this drug would impact communities. It’s a wildly contested issue, with data suggesting it doesn’t pay out for most states. It seems like Democrats wanted to legalize it in D.C., in order to win over local voters.

Republicans didn’t agree. Had Democrats taken the time to draft a spending bill, in a reasonable amount of time, this wouldn’t have happened. Both sides could have put together a bill without this mad rush. But liberals clearly wanted to bamboozle Republicans with a bill packed with pork. So now, they’ll have to explain to locals why they can’t toke on Mary Jane after all.

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