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In The Dead Of Night Democrats Caught Jamming Through Pork – $1.5 Trillion Omnibus Is Unread And Stuffed With Midterm Earmarks

As usual, Congress neglected its job until the last minute. If it doesn’t pass a funding bill by Friday, the government will shut down. But there is a reason, apparently, they delayed for so long. The desperation to pass a bill will force lawmakers to get something—anything through—to avoid a shutdown.

And it seems Democrats used this to their advantage because they voted on a bill very few even read.

From PJ Media:

A $1.5 trillion omnibus bill, which included $13.6 billion in aid for Ukraine, passed the Democrat-controlled House Wednesday night, successfully averting a partial government shutdown.

So, what are all the details of the 2,700-page spending package? Does anyone know?

Trust me, no one does. In fact, if you blinked on Wednesday you may not have known about it, because this massive spending bill was introduced in the middle of the night on the same day it was passed.

Democrats rammed through a 2,700-page document in the middle of the night, expecting lawmakers to vote on it immediately. There is no way anyone could read that thing in time. Yet Democrats (and Republicans) blindly voted for it. Now, we are learning this bill is packed with earmarks—something we haven’t seen in 11 years.

From The Hill:

The $1.5 trillion, 2,741-page omnibus spending package is loaded with funding for lawmaker pet projects, some of which could help incumbents in this fall’s elections.

The legislation includes more than 4,000 earmarks, according to a list of projects provided to The Hill by a Senate Republican aide that spanned 367 pages…

Some of the earmarks provide millions of dollars more than what the Biden administration requested. The omnibus includes $5.9 million for Dunkirk Harbor on Lake Erie, $5 million more than the $680,000 requested by the administration.

Insane. After delaying the passage of a funding bill for months, Democrats rush through a 2,700-page bill loaded with pork. They didn’t give anyone time enough to read it, since they need it passed by Friday. Clearly, they used the urgency to their advantage, hoping Republicans wouldn’t see all the earmarks they gave for themselves.

Republicans have complained again and again about earmarks. Yet the bill passed in the House 260-171, meaning many of them voted for this bogus package. Some reports indicate this bill includes $100 billion in Green New Deal initiatives, including “racial justice” efforts in the Department of Agriculture. Why did Republicans fight Biden’s spending bill so hard, only to vote to let some of it through this back door?

The bill will head to Senate, but it is likely to pass without objection. Sen. Joe Manchin, who opposed previous spending programs because of cost, will likely vote for this one. Why? Because he made sure to pack it with pork for himself. He will get $41 million for transportation and $8.3 million for energy and water development, just for starters. I guess all that talk about paying for things was just that… talk.

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