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President Biden Gives His Worst Interview Yet – After 3 Concerning Moments, Americans Question His Mental Health

What’s Happening:

This week has been marked by more failures coming from the man himself, Joe Biden. Over thirty Republicans petitioned the White House, demanding he takes a cognitive test. So far, Democrats have been ignoring calls to check Biden’s mental health, despite growing evidence of significant decline. It’s almost becoming a weekly thing to watch the man struggle during press conferences or interviews.

This week, it has been no different. A damning report came out, revealing how the U.S. military clashed with Biden’s State Department during the botched Afghanistan withdrawal. Shockingly, Biden claims he was never told about this information.

From YouTube:

Oh my God. Can Biden look any worse? You have to wonder what a man like Lester Holt is thinking when he asked a reasonable question and gets a response like that. Biden looks like he’s about to fall asleep.

But it only got worse from there. As tensions heat up in Ukraine, Holt asked what Biden would do if Americans ended up in danger. You won’t believe this.

From Townhall:

President Biden told NBC News there are no conditions under which U.S. troops would be sent to evacuate Americans from Ukraine amid the conflict with Russia.

Instead, he warned U.S. citizens to “leave now.”

So much for, “Leave no man behind.” Biden is admitting he’d abandon Americans to the wolves if the worst were to happen in Ukraine.

And again, Biden said something that is simply unbelievable.

Absolutely pathetic. Can anyone watch these videos and say Biden has any idea what he is doing? Lester Holt asked him directly if he told Putin that harming Americans in Ukraine was “the line.” There’s been no line drawn anywhere else. Biden is all but letting Putin invade a sovereign nation for reasons unclear to most. But Biden admitted he did not say this to Putin, meaning Russia could harm Americans.

Instead, Biden is spread fear and hysteria by telling Americans to leave. He won’t send troops to evacuate Americans from the country, should Russia invade. From all appearances, the lethargic and weak “president” is rolling over for a man eager to annex as many countries as he can to Russia.

Is this what Biden voters signed up for? Did they really expect a weak, confused, potentially senile man in the Oval Office? Does Biden have the energy or mental fortitude to handle crises? We know he’s good at starting crises, but not ending them. And his performance during this interview is downright abominable.

It didn’t take long for people to sound off online. Ted Cruz warned that this guy has the “nuclear football.” Others slammed Biden for showing such weakness and indifference, as the world hangs by a thread.

But, hey, at least no more mean tweets, right?

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden crashed and burned during another interview.
  • Biden contradicted a U.S. Army report and admitted he was not going to save Americans.
  • He said he did not tell Putin to spare Americans if Russia invades Ukraine.

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