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Biden Is Breaking All The Wrong Records – For The First Time Double-Digit Levels Of Inflation Come To America


Remember that whole “build back better” thing? What did that even mean? Joe Biden claimed his policies would help Americans much better than what he had before. Yet it hasn’t felt that way, has it? Biden’s policies appear to be doing the opposite, as his decisions only seem to bring more pain and frustration.

Biden’s agenda appears to be benefiting the far left and special interest groups, rather than regular Americans. His radical spending and inability to tackle real problems have put a strain on nearly every industry. Supply chain woes, high gas prices, and a worker shortage have affected everyone.

Now, Biden gets to celebrate yet another record-breaking achievement. But not a good one.

From Daily Wire:

Wholesale prices soared again last month to their highest level on record as inflation continues to spiral out of control.

The Labor Department on Tuesday said the producer price index, which measures inflation at a wholesale level before products are sold to consumers, rose 10% in February from a year ago…

The rate of inflation grew in February by nearly 8% in the last year, with prices for everything from gasoline to bread, milk, and eggs soaring.

Wholesale prices of goods soared to 10% in February, the highest we’ve ever seen in it. If you were wondering, we like to see the price of goods decrease, not increase. That is possible if the cost of production, distribution, and sale is lessened. But Joe Biden’s administration passed a massive number of orders at the start of his administration. Among them were new regulations that put the pinch on companies.

Add to that his unwillingness to deal with the supply chain backlog, skyrocketing gas prices, a “stimulus” bill that put millions of Americans out of work, and more, you have the situation we’re in now. Prices are increasing, largely thanks to Biden’s America-last agenda. He is bowing to the far left, which doesn’t care if you can’t put food on the table or gas in your car.

At the same time, his policies are helping the super-rich. They aren’t hurting when prices go up. In fact, they benefit, since companies get to charge more.

Biden, for his part, has blamed almost everyone but himself. He blamed Trump, who has been out of office for over a year. He blamed companies for “greed,” despite the fact his regulations are doing the most damage.

Now, he’s blaming Putin for the fact you have to pay more for basic needs like milk and eggs. As if Putin’s going around, forcing grocery stores to rip you off.

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