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Ohio Passes Major 2nd Amendment Bill – Governor DeWine Eliminates Need For Permit, Signs Constitutional Carry

Though the country faces skyrocketing inflation and concerns of another World War, there are also ongoing domestic debates.

This includes topics related to immigration, the pandemic, racism, and the Constitution. The latter especially is a top priority for many Americans.

Over the past few years, issues related to gun rights and rises in violent crime have come to the forefront, and many civilians want to protect themselves.

The left keeps saying that more guns only adds to the problem, and arming regular people is never a good idea.

At the same time, there’s the Constitution of the United States, and the Second Amendment, which is pretty clear.

And more states are stepping up and declaring their support of 2A. The most recent is interesting, because it’s often a key battleground state for elections.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Monday signed a bill that allows people in the state to carry a concealed handgun without a permit.

Senate Bill 215 allows anyone aged 21 or older to carry a concealed firearm unless they are prohibited from possessing a gun under state or federal law.

This makes Ohio the 23rd state in the union to enact “constitutional carry,” and it’s likely they won’t be the last.

One key aspect of this legislation – SB215 – is that drivers will no longer be forced to tell law enforcement if they have a concealed weapon in a vehicle.

Prior to this move, drivers could be hit with a first-degree misdemeanor, a $1,000 fine, and a suspension of their gun license.

That’s gone now, though. The NRA celebrated with the following statement:

NRA thanks Gov. DeWine for signing this critical bill that upholds the Second Amendment in Ohio, for the benefit of law-abiding citizens.

2A supporters also applauded the law, saying this empowers their right to carry without having to deal with endless government red tape.

On the other hand, critics claim the bill will make police and citizens more vulnerable to gun violence overall.

One of these critics is the Ohio Mayors Alliance Board of Directors, which offered the following statement:

Passing Senate Bill 215 and repealing Ohio’s concealed carry permitting law is another dangerous step in the wrong direction and it is a serious threat to public safety in our communities.

Our bipartisan coalition of mayors has stood with law enforcement groups in opposition to this bill because we know it will make our police officers less safe, it will increase gun violence in our communities, and it recklessly blurs the line between criminals with guns and properly licensed gun owners.

Despite the objections, though, Ohio Gov. DeWine has signed the bill and it’s going into effect.

The debate rages on concerning firearm rights and the licenses and laws surrounding them, and some states will continue to be better for gun owners.

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