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Biden’s Latest Mistake Is His Most Concerning Yet – But Joe Probably Doesn’t Get The Irony In His Statement

When Donald Trump was president, we often had the pleasure of covering his impressive achievements. Often, he made headlines for amazing one-liners or clever comments. Today, the only thing worth talking about from “President” Biden is how odd and off-putting his comments are.

We’d run out of room going over all the troubling gaffes and blunders Joe’s made in just the last year alone. His overall performance in front of the cameras has given rise to worries about his mental health. And he’s not getting better. He recently spoke about “a new civil rights cause of action.” He described a very specific situation that he claims everyone’s been in. Not quite, Joe.

From Twitter:

Biden discusses “a new civil rights cause of action.”

“I bet everybody knows somebody…that in an intimate relationship, what happened was the guy takes a revealing picture of his naked friend, or whatever, in a compromising position and then blackmails…”

Uh… I don’t even know where to start. Biden was speaking about a new initiative that he called a “civil rights cause of action.” It seems like his DOJ could be starting to prosecute a certain kind of crime, which Biden claims is becoming more common. Yet he described a set of circumstances we doubt most people find themselves in.

He claims “everyone knows somebody” that has suffered “blackmails” as the result of a friend taking a private picture of them. Um… no, Joe, no we don’t. I know quite a few people and I can’t think of anyone that falls into this category. I don’t care how close my friends are to me, I’m not letting them snap pictures of me in the buff.

Oddly enough, Joe knows someone that fits this category… his own son.

I guess he’s so familiar with Hunter’s ongoing scandals and embarrassing problems, that Joe just assumes everyone’s dealt with this. Biden’s description is so close to what’s happened to his own son—yet he doesn’t even realize it. Is Biden launching an entirely new “cause of action” just to protect his idiot son? Could be. I’d like to think that anyone that has suffered this kind of thing can already go to the cops and press charges.

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