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House Democrats Just Sabotaged Themselves – They Actually Order President Biden To Ban More Oil Drilling

We probably don’t have to tell you that Democrats are in big trouble. All signs point to a red wave coming that will wipe out their majority in Congress. Some polling shows Republicans in the lead for the first time in generic polls.

At the same time, Bidens’ approval couldn’t get much worse. This is largely due to Democrats’ drastic policies over the last year that have left the economy in tatters.

Things have only gotten worse, since Russian invade Ukraine. Biden’s only “solution” to that crisis are sanctions that appear to be hurting Americans more than Russians. Inflation is out of control. And gas prices continue to climb, hitting historic records.

Now’s the time for lawmakers to push policies that will bring relief to millions of Americans. So, what are liberals going to urge Biden to do? Ban more oil drilling.

I kid you not. From Fox News:

Progressive Democrats in the House of Representatives are reportedly planning to publicly urge President Biden to ban oil drilling on federal lands amid record gas prices and a war in Ukraine that has disrupted oil markets.

According to a report from Politico,  the Congressional Progressive Caucus is planning to demand that Biden use his executive power to declare climate change an emergency and ban drilling on federal lands.

Gas prices are hitting historic highs. And it’s not Putin’s fault. Oil prices have been climbing since 2021, when Joe Biden entered office. His radical “green” policies have hit energy producers with new regulations and fines. He has crippled American energy production. And, at a time when we are getting less oil from overseas, his party wants to hamper our energy production even more.

Reports indicate House Democrats are going to push Biden to declare a “climate emergency” and ban drilling on federal lands. Biden has already suspended leasing federal land for drilling, something that has been battled out in the courts. This outright ban would put a chokehold on American production, adding to the already astronomical energy prices. At a time when we should be looking for relief, Democrats are doubling down on their far-left extremism.

It’s really quite shocking to see how out-of-touch Democrats are. They are nearing a midterm election cycle that can put them out of power for years to come. Americans are furious that Democrats have locked down our cities, forced mandates on us (for years), crippled the economy, and triggered high gas prices. Yet, instead of trying to remedy these mistakes, they are making them worse!

We can debate all day long about the climate. But many Americans believe you can both protect the earth and not bankrupt the country. These progressives don’t agree. They are determined to destroy our country, all in the name of “green” policy.

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