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Biden Energy Secretary Makes Hair-Raising Admission – Joe Plans To Never Let A “Crisis” Go To Waste For The Sake Of Green Energy

You might be wondering why Biden is failing to address rising gas prices. We had low prices when Trump was around, right? Nobody’s buying the line that this is all Putin’s fault. Biden’s bad decisions and deliberately strict regulation have increased the price of gas and energy for nearly a year. And despite making promises he’d bring them down, Biden has done the opposite.

What is really going on? Well, Obama ally Rahm Emanuel once said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” And we’ve seen how Democrats love exploiting problems to push their unpopular agenda. But can it be that they are intentionally hurting gas prices—to achieve a goal? One of Biden’s top officials seemed to let that slip out.

From Western Journal:

The Biden administration says increased gas prices caused by the invasion of Ukraine present a good opportunity to switch to electric vehicles.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said the war in Ukraine “creates…an urgent moment” to switch to clean energy, according to video in a tweet from Tom S. Elliott…

“It should motivate us to accelerate the transition to clean energy,” according to Biden.

Meanwhile, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg… has said Americans can be freed from the high costs of the gas pump by buying $56,000 electric vehicles.

It appears the Biden administration is deliberately forcing energy prices to go up, to compel Americans to switch to “green” energy. Despite the fact that Trump managed to provide cheap gas and protect the environment, Joe wants to kill a major U.S. industry (costing us billions and thousands of jobs) to push this radical environmental agenda. How do we know this? They all but admitted it.

Biden’s energy secretary appeared to say this during a video. She said the rising gas prices (triggered by Biden, not Ukraine) has created an “urgent moment.” She said Congress must act to push more green energy—and move away from fossil fuels. Her comments echo Emanuel’s old adage. The Democrats are trying to use this gas crisis to force a radical green agenda.

The narrative they are currently pushing is that Putin’s invasion creates a problem we cannot avoid. That’s a lie. America has more than enough oil and natural gas to provide cheap energy for the entire country—as well as sell it to the world. But Biden and his team of far leftists have pushed regulations that make producing energy in the U.S. very expensive (if you haven’t noticed).

Now, they claim these “unavoidable” problems require us to embrace “green” technology. But it’s all a ruse. This is the same woman, you might remember, who laughed in America’s face when asked about lowering gas prices months ago. They don’t care about helping working folks. They only care about pushing their radical agenda.

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