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Days After American Gas Prices Skyrocket – House Democrats Dare To Put An End To Energy Independence Bill

Ever since Joe Biden entered office, American energy has suffered. This started long before the Ukraine war. Biden’s radical “green” policies crippled our oil and natural gas production. And it seems they intend to make us suffer as much as possible, to force the country to “go green.” Despite the fact that the average American can hardly afford it.

Republicans in Congress were taking steps to fix this. They actually put together a bill that would both clamp down on imports of oil from Russia and “unleash” American energy. The bill appears to get around Biden’s policies and restore American energy independence.

But House Democrats, who seem to want to lose this November, took stunning action on the bill.

From Fox News:

House Democrats on Wednesday blocked consideration of a Republican bill aiming for U.S. energy independence from Russia amid the Ukraine war. A former environmental engineer now running for Congress in New Mexico condemned the move as “unconscionable” in comments to Fox News Digital.

“House Dems just voted against a measure by [House Republicans] to consider the American Energy Independence from Russia Act — a critical bill that would unleash American energy production,” Rep. Stephanie Bice, R-Okla., tweeted Wednesday. “Clearly, Dems don’t care about solving our crushing energy crisis. Unbelievable!”

Let me break this down for you. American gas prices are skyrocketing. They will get even higher, because of bans on Russian oil. We, in turn, have tremendous untapped resources right under our feet. Republicans proposed a bill that would both punish Russia and ensure reliable, affordable energy for years to come.

And Democrats just killed the bill.

Now, why would Democrats deliberately shut down a bill that would help Americans save money at the pump (not to mention your heating and electricity bills)? That’s a very good question. It seems the radical left has all but taken over the Democratic Party. Moderates no longer have a voice (or don’t want to speak up), and environmental extremists are setting the agenda. Most of these Congress members are richer than the average American, mind you.

They don’t care if gas prices go up. They can afford it. Their luxurious homes are outfitted with expensive green technology and they can easily purchase electric cars. That is, when they do pay for their own transportation. They don’t care if working families in Middle America can’t put food on the table or gas in their cars.

Their devotion to the green religion is hurting all Americans. We can easily provide cheap energy and protect the environment. But the left would rather tank a major industry, just to be right. They’ll regret it, come November.

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