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Cruz Rocks Washington With Concerning Prediction – Ted Warns That Biden Will Be The “#1 Funder” Of America’s Enemies


As war rages in Europe, everyone is concerned about the prospect of nuclear weapons. On top of the Russia/Ukraine situation, we also have the Nuclear Deal in regards to Iran.

The latter is a sticking point for many politicos on Capitol Hill right now, and Republicans have already sworn to stop President Biden’s attempt to make any deal with one of America’s enemies.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has often locked horns with President Biden and his administration. Cruz has stood against many of Biden’s policies regarding immigration and the pandemic, for example.

Now, the conservative Texas Senator is concerned that POTUS is about to make the biggest mistake of his presidency so far.

This particular mistake could prove costly to American lives, too. This isn’t just a financial matter; it’s a security issue that impacts every U.S. citizen, and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If the President moves ahead with a planned nuclear deal with Iran, that would give Biden the “#1” spot — but it’s a position he really doesn’t want.

Via The Daily Wire:

President Joe Biden’s new deal with Iran would make him the ‘number 1 funder of terrorism in the world,’ Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz said on Thursday.

‘It is likely to make Joe Biden the No. 1 funder of terrorism in the world. Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world.

They deliberately target American citizens for murder. And Joe Biden, for whatever reason, is eager to fund terrorists trying to murder Americans.’

Cruz introduced new legislation this week to stop the Biden administration from cooperating with Iran. There are Congressional sanctions in the way, but the President could waive them if he chose.

And that would be a grave miscalculation, according to Sen. Cruz and many of his colleagues.

Biden already gave waivers to some international partners (including Russia) and this week, the administration said these waivers lets Russia conduct projects with Iran that amount to $10 billion.

Said Cruz in a statement:

The Biden administration is dismantling sanctions and is aching to secure a new agreement with the Iranian regime that is even weaker than the original catastrophic Obama-Iran nuclear deal.

The Biden administration is so committed to their deal that they are willing to make Iran a nuclear client for Putin, including work that amounts to a $10 billion subsidy for his war machine.

That’s when the Senator decided to introduce legislation to stop the waivers, which would in turn stop Russia from helping Iran.

Cruz also cited former President Donald Trump’s decision to end these waivers, which Biden promptly brought back. The Texas Republican called the move “unconscionable” and Congress needs to stop it.

Cruz added that the entire situation is “insane,” and that Biden is directly responsible for allowing Putin to make billions “by building up the Ayatollah’s nuclear program.”

Cruz and 48 other Republicans issued a statement this week that made it clear: they’re going to block any new agreement with Iran that weakens sanctions. There is no gray area in their minds.

Given the concerning state of affairs in Europe today, and potential consequences for America, many citizens will likely agree with the GOP.

If Biden continues to “make nice” with this country’s enemies, that might not help his notoriously low approval rating.

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