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Queen AOC Goes Full Biden In Video – She Whispers Into The Camera Her Love For Socialism

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from self-described “socialist” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It looks like she’s finally back from her vacation in Republican-run Florida. And she’s trying to muster up support from her uninformed supporters online.

Hey, she’s up for re-election in November, so she’s got to look like she’s actually doing something in Congress.

So, what is she doing? Fighting for legislation that actually helps working Americans? Joining with Republicans for some bipartisan victories? Uh… not even close. She is whispering into her camera like Creepy Joe, spreading inaccurate information about socialism.

From PJ Media:

“Let me tell you a secret,” the renowned intellectual Congresswoman whispered. “Most people don’t really know what capitalism is. Most people don’t even know what socialism is. But most people are not capitalists, because they don’t have capitalist money. They’re not billionaires … The label doesn’t matter as much as just talking about policies. That’s easier to understand. Do you think people should die because they can’t afford insulin? Do you think that fossil fuel CEOs should decide whether the planet gets set on fire? Me neither.”

AOC posted a series of videos on social media expressing her support of socialism. Oddly, she held the camera close to her face, zooming in and out at times, whispering with a hand cupped over her mouth. What the hell was that? It reminds us of the time Biden, while leaning over a podium, whispered to the press about his (now failed) agenda.

Here’s some great commentary on the bizarre video:

This kind of thing might get hardcore leftists excited, but it just weirds out the rest of us. Never mind the fact that nothing AOC said was even remotely accurate. She, like Biden, is talking to us like we’re children who don’t deserve to be treated equally.

Hey—psst!—AOC. If your ideas are so great, why aren’t you communicating them in a normal, rational way? Why do politicians like AOC have to resort to such idiotic tricks to express their agenda? This gimmick is a way of insulting her audience. This whispering gimmick is as if she letting us in on a secret—a secret that should be obvious to us.

It is the same as calling her audience stupid.

She says most people don’t know the difference between socialism and capitalism. No, we do. You, however, need a quick lesson, it seems, Alex.

AOC seems to think capitalists are only those who earn “capitalistic” wealth. And she thinks only socialism can ensure sick people can afford insulin. Ironically, one of the best ways to ensure people can afford quality, low-cost products is via a free-market model where companies compete for customers.

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