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Joe Manchin Double-Crosses Republicans – The Democrat Now Says He’s Ready For A New Build Back Better

Democrats think they are suffering in the polls because they didn’t pass Biden’s radical spending bill. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Biden and his party have been sinking, because of the many crises and problems they created over the last year.

The fact that his mega-spending bill wasn’t passed actually saved them a little bit. Because, if the “Build Back Better” agenda did go through, the entire economy would have tanked.

And who would Americans blame?

One member of the Democratic Party defected to block Biden’s radical agenda. Sen. Joe Manchin refused to vote for the spending bill, ensuring it would not pass. Many Americans thought Manchin was standing up for the country and protecting the economy.

But it looks like this “moderate” is about to flip-flop. Because he’s interested in supporting the toxic bill.

From Fox News:

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., told a group of climate activists and energy executives that he is open to supporting a new version of President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, with some tweaks, according to a report…

“Senator Manchin is always willing to engage in discussions about the best way to move our country forward,” Sam Runyon, a spokesperson for the senator, told Fox News in a statement Thursday.

According to reports, Joe Manchin said he was willing to support a revised version of Biden’s radical, socialist spending bill. This comes after he tanked the first bill months ago, preventing the United States from facing worse inflation and economic decline. But apparently now, while speaking to climate activists and energy executives, he is open to the agenda.

Manchin was allegedly speaking at a private, closed-door dinner with people who just might have very deep pockets. With midterms coming around, Manchin has to be seen as a team player. Although he’s not up for re-election until 2024, he can’t openly oppose the party’s agenda, with so many other seats on the line.

It’s possible the party is forcing Manchin to play ball, getting these activists and executives to open their wallets to help the party out. Polls indicate that Democrats will face beating, come November. That often discourages donors from wasting money on doomed campaigns. But if a moderate like Manchin suggests he’s willing to help Joe Biden get a win, then maybe there’s a chance the party can salvage their chances.

Is Manchin willing to tank the U.S. economy, just to help his party? It sounds like, at least for now, he’s no longer interested in fighting against the left’s radical schemes. He even said he’d vote for Judge Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination, even though the woman clearly supports the far left. Perhaps Manchin is no ally to Republicans… or America.

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