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Biden Captured Using Note Cards – But Joe’s Press Conference Still Doesn’t Go Well

Welp, it looks like the White House is scrambling to fix Biden’s latest blunder. The Democrat blurted out while overseas a comment that suggested he was calling for Putin’s removal from power. Even the Kremlin was upset, as it appeared Biden was trying to interfere in another country’s politics.

Hmm… isn’t that what Democrats claimed Russia tried to do in 2016?

Biden led his first press conference in months to clear it up. But it did not go well.

From Fox News:

President Biden held a “cheat sheet” of prepared answers for a key question during his White House news briefing Monday – a question about why his remarks on Saturday suggested support for regime change in Russia…

The cue cards also included a lengthy question regarding NATO and a brief, scripted response from Biden: “No. NATO has never been more united.”

Even with his cheat sheet, Biden’s press conference went as well as you’d expect.

From Townhall:

Despite the best efforts of whoever has the undesirable job of trying to keep him on track, the predictable question was asked, and Joe Biden still went off the rails and doubled-down on his statement in Warsaw, as Katie reported Monday.

The White House did its “best” to fix his recent comments about Putin. They even gave him a cheat sheet with pre-written comments on questions for his press conference. Their latest narrative was that Biden wasn’t calling for Putin to be removed. Instead, he was expressing his “moral outrage” over Putin’s action.

Ooo, that’ll really sound good on camera, right? And I’m sure all the braindead liberals who run news outlets will repeat that forever. Until we are forced to believe it’s true. But even with those lies typed out nice and neat for him, Biden couldn’t keep it together. Even as he tried to reiterate his “outrage,” Biden went on to say, again, that Putin “shouldn’t remain in power.”

Does anybody have control over what this guy says? He literally has his words written out for him and he still screws up. Many worry about the aftermath of Biden’s comments. What will Russia do, if they think the U.S. is trying to unseat their president? How will they retaliate, after Biden twice said Putin should go?

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