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President Biden Suffers Triple Europe Meltdown – Joe’s Claims Just Fell Apart On Sanctions Travel And Troops In Ukraine

We’ve covered Joe Biden’s failures from the very beginning of his administration. Biden’s policies have failed to help the United States. But his comments and speeches have left Americans confused and troubled.

It is no different during the Ukraine crisis. Biden finally flew to Europe to address Russia’s invasion. But it went over as well as you’d expect.

From The Hill:

President Biden on Thursday had a sharp response to a reporter who asked why he though the latest sanctions would change Russian President Vladimir Putin’s behavior after previous steps did not stop Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine…

“Sanctions never deter — you keep talking about that — sanctions never deter…”

“That’s not what I said. You’re playing a game with me.”

Biden tried to rewrite what he said about stopping Putin with sanctions. But that was only the beginning. Apparently, he told NATO troops that they’d be going into Ukraine, despite claiming that would never happen.

From YouTube:

And, once again, he made a gaffe that called into question his memory.

From YouTube:

Biden got into an argument with a reporter during his NATO trip. The reporter challenged him on Biden’s claim that sanctions on Russia were supposed to end the invasion. Biden snapped claiming (wrongly) that he never said that sanctions were “deter him.” That’s not what he’s said repeatedly since Russia invaded Ukraine.

His entire response to the war has been to hit Russia with sanctions. What else are those sanctions for, but to hurt Russia, so they will withdraw their troops? But the fact that Biden got into an argument with a reporter shows his lack of leadership and resolve.

He can’t even keep his composure with a member of the press. How do we expect him to handle the pressures of this war?

Biden went on to make some concerning gaffes while speaking before NATO and U.S. troops. He talked about what they were “going to see” in Ukraine. Um, what? What is he talking about? Are we sending troops into Ukraine to fight back the invasion? Wasn’t that going to lead to a larger war—and the very reason we weren’t sending troops? Way to confuse the issue, Joe.

He then, once again, confused basic facts and history. Biden claimed he visited Iraq and Afghanistan 40 times. But fact-checkers know Biden only visited the region a total of 21 times. Was Biden embellishing, something he loves doing? Or is his mind slipping once again?

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