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Pence Roars Back Onto Washington Stage – Group Kicks Off “Freedom Agenda” To Help Your Wallet

With Biden’s agenda crashing and burning, more than a few Americans are frustrated. More voters than ever before think the country is on the wrong track.

And it doesn’t seem like anything will change as Biden doubles down on his toxic, socialist agenda. If things don’t improve, we could be seeing many Americans out of work, out of hope, and out of options.

Mike Pence isn’t taking this sitting down. Many have speculated on his plans for the country. And it doesn’t seem like he’s waiting for 2024 to make a difference. His group just launched a new agenda aimed at giving hope to American voters.

And it’s all about freedom.

From Fox News:

Pence’s 501(c)(4), Advancing American Freedom (AAF), published the agenda Thursday. The group calls the agenda “a vision for restoring freedom and a framework of ideas and solutions for how to achieve that vision.”

Pence said that the conservative party must “rally around a bold, optimistic agenda” from the Reagan administration to the Trump administration, explaining that idea was the genesis for the Freedom Agenda.

Mike Pence’s Advancing American Freedom just released a “Freedom Agenda” it hopes will inspire and motivate conservatives and voters. The goal of the agenda is to provide a framework of solutions that will combat Biden’s stagflation and failing agenda. It seems the goal is to reach voters with a vision that will give them hope for the future, even as Democrats let us down.

Numerous Republicans have been working on similar projects aimed at reaching voters. They are taking advantage of Biden’s staggeringly bad approval numbers and the Democrats’ failing agenda. Pence and others are offering Americans an alternative, one that promises a hopeful future.

Part of Pence’s plan is to “stop the radical left, we can turn this country around, we can win the Congress and state houses back in 2022.” The next opportunity Americans have to stall Biden’s agenda is this fall.

If Republicans win enough races, they can flip Congress. With a majority, they can block Biden’s plans and even hold him accountable. And that’s not factoring in state and local elections, which will have a tremendous impact on the future.

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