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Ted Cruz Weighs In On Using 25th Amendment On Biden – He Claims Our ‘Mr. Magoo’ President Must Be Waited Out

Sen. Ted Cruz has been a vocal critic of Joe Biden, since day one. Cruz has sounded the alarm over Biden’s border crisis. He even went to the border to show the country what Biden was hiding. And that was thousands of migrants pouring over the line a day. Cruz has also called on the GOP to investigate Biden’s corrupt administration. And he’s fought to uphold Americans’ rights, as Biden pushed abusive mandates.

And Cruz is far from being done with hammering old Joe. He recently discussed a growing problem with Biden. During his podcast, the senator mentioned a never before used method that is “dangerous as hell.” But he thinks we have no choice: the 25th Amendment can’t be used to remove Mr. Magoo.

From Biz Pac Review:

“So, I would be hesitant to go down that road of the 25th Amendment. I think it’s dangerous as hell,” Cruz went on to state…

Cruz went on to state that Biden’s mental decline was one of the reasons that Putin invaded Ukraine. That Biden “is so weak and ineffective, he didn’t believe there would be meaningful pushback.”

On Monday, Cruz also said that America is living through a “Mr. Magoo presidency” during an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity. That characterization was referred to during the podcast as well.

Cruz acknowledge that Joe Biden’s mental abilities were diminishing. He even said Putin invaded Ukraine, because of Biden’s weakness. Yet he said he was not in favor of removing him using the 25th Amendment, saying it was too dangerous. That’s an odd turnaround when you think about it.

The Republican senator did not mince words when he discussed Biden’s mental decline. He even said it was a “real problem,” given the stakes. Our allies and enemies see a “president” who doesn’t even know what’s going on. Yet the senator doesn’t want him removed? What is his reasoning?

It could be simply his hesitance on using such an untested and “nuclear” option to remove Biden. If we get rid of Joe now, using the 25th, it will become easier to do it again and again. Soon, presidents might be ejected on a whim. But Cruz is forgetting one important part of the amendment, it only works if the sitting president agrees to step down.

So, why does Cruz think we shouldn’t do it? The reason might be more obvious than we think. If Biden is removed, a replacement must be found. And precedent dictates that the sitting vice president would take over, should a president step down.

Do we really want Kamala Harris, a woman who is possibly more than Biden, sitting in the Oval Office?

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