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Ronny Jackson Stands Up For The 2nd Amendment – He Just Landed A Major Blow In Blue California

Early on during his administration, Joe Biden called on Congress to pass new, tough gun control laws. Thankfully, Democrats can’t plan themselves out of a paper bag, so we haven’t seen much come out of Congress. Yet Democrats from state to state have sought to clamp down on Americans’ gun rights. Including Joe Biden, who has tried to use his power to create a gun registry (and worse).

It’s up to conservatives to fight back. And one House member is doing just that. Ronny Jackson has made a name for himself, calling for Joe Biden to take a cognitive exam. Now, he is fighting to defend America’s gun freedoms by pushing a new law. And it smacks at a strict rule in blue California.

From Breitbart:

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R) is introducing legislation Friday, April 1, 2022, to “ban any state or unit of local government from imposing any insurance requirement, or any tax, user fee” on gun owners.

The immediate impact of Jackson’s bill would be to upend San Jose, California’s recently passed gun owners’ fee and liability insurance requirement, both of which were approved by the San Jose city council on Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

Republican congressman Ronny Jackson is introducing a bill that will ban insurance, fees, or any tax requirements for gun owners. San Jose was the most recent city to pass a law requiring gun owners to pay a fee and purchase liability insurance. Jackson’s law would outlaw such a move.

It’s clear what Democrats are trying to do with these kinds of laws. By creating fees, fines, taxes, and insurance demands, they are putting financial burdens on the Second Amendment. Some Americans, including low-income families, might be discouraged from buying a gun because of all these requirements.

Mind you, owning a gun isn’t just a sport or a form of recreation. It is a right protected by the Constitution. Owning a car isn’t protected by the Constitution. Nor is owning a boat, sporting equipment, or scuba gear. Owning a gun is. And putting financial restraints on it can be seen as an attempt at violating the Second Amendment.

But will this bill see the light of day? Not while Democrats are in charge of Congress. Perhaps, after November 2022, this bill will get passed?

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