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Schumer Waves Red Flag On Biden Nominee – Joe’s Appointment In The Senate Of LA Mayor Could Be Over

Joe Biden has what could be the worst administration in our history. You don’t have to look far to see the evidence. His top officials have failed to do their jobs.

From the State Department to the DHS to even his press corp, Biden’s leaders have one rule: fail and fail miserably. And even when called out for not doing their jobs, these people make excuses and blame others.

Perhaps that’s why Senate Republicans are getting much harder on Joe’s pending nominees? Several have been pulled from consideration, as others faced tough scrutiny from even liberal senators.

Now, Chuck Schumer has been forced to admit the obvious: Biden’s attempt at giving LA’s mayor a cushy job could go down in flames.

From Townhall:

Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles since 2013, was nominated by Biden to be the ambassador to India in July. But some eight months later, Garcetti is apparently no closer to leaving L.A. to become a diplomat. Now, according to a scoop in Axios, the office of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) seems to think Garcetti’s future is looking bleak and “unlikely to receive a floor vote any time soon.”

That’s right, Joe Biden nominated the crooked mayor of LA to be the ambassador of India. This is the same man who threatened to shut off the water and power to businesses that refused to obey his lockdown orders in 2020.

A man who appears as bad as his job as former mayor of New York, Bill DeBlasio. I feel very sorry for India if this man ends up becoming a diplomat.

You have to wonder why Biden, of all people, picked Garcetti for this job? Perhaps Biden realized this would be an easy gig. India is one of our allies and there is little chance Garcetti would have to handle a real crisis? Maybe Biden was giving Garcetti a nice, easy government job, much easier than leading Los Angeles?

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t seem Garcetti is going to be heading to India, any time soon. Even Chuck Schumer revealed they were unlikely to vote on this appointment. This is perhaps due to Democrats panicking over the midterms. As we get closer to the election, lawmakers become much more concerned with saving their jobs than doing their jobs. There is only so much time to vote on anything when factoring in recesses and campaign trips.

And the Senate could be spending plenty of time on the Supreme Court nomination. So, Garcetti gets put on the back burner.

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