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Federal Court Rules On 2nd Amendment Case – They Just Knocked Down The District Court’s Judicial Activism

The battle to defend our constitutional rights is often waged through the courts. The federal government, and state governments, routinely find ways to undermine citizens’ rights. That’s doubly true when it comes to the Second Amendment.

In one recent case, the State Department appeared to jeopardize citizens’ First and Second Amendments. Two groups sued to prevent the DOS from publishing computer files online.

The case was going to be settled. But a variety of state AGs tried to interfere, including New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal. But a federal court put them in their place.

From Ammoland:

Grewal moved to have the case dismissed, and failing that, have the case against him severed from the more general case, and moved to New Jersey, where, he would have more influence, power, and likely, a more sympathetic judge.

In the opinion issued on April 1, 2022, the Fifth Circuit slaps down both the New Jersey District Court and the Texas District court who agreed to severe Grewal’s case and move it to New Jersey.

In what is being called an “unprecedented” move, NJAG Grewal tried to interfere with a Second Amendment case being settled between the State Department and the plaintiffs.

The liberal AG wanted to move the case to a New Jersey court, where he would have had more influence and probably a judge that shared his views. Even a District Court in Texas supported this move.

But the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals disagreed. They rejected Grewal’s attempts at hijacking this case, saying the district court “clearly abused its discretion.” It rebuked what appeared to be an activist judge who “[applied] the wrong legal standard” to this case.

Hmm… why would a court apply the wrong legal standard? Perhaps because they were more concerned with pushing an agenda, than upholding the law?

It’s shocking that a court out of Texas would side with a New Jersey AG in this case. This court was working with the liberal AG to move the case to NJ. All so that left-leaning judges could possibly rule against the Second Amendment.

This is just another example of how often the left finds new ways to undermine our constitutional rights. They could have gotten away with this scheme if citizens hadn’t continued to fight.

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