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Soros Latest Bankroll Destination Slips Out – According To Report George’s Money Is Flowing Toward “Defund The Police” Politicians


Democrats know they are facing an uphill battle this midterm season. So, they are pulling out all the stops to salvage their election chances.

That includes taking money from leftist mega-donor George Soros. Soros and his cash are behind some of the most progressive Democrats in politics. He’s bankrolled everyone from the DNC to BLM.

And now, he is funding Democrats who cling to the unpopular, “Defund the Police” movement.

From Fox News:

Liberal billionaire George Soros and his daughter, Andrea Soros Colombel, are bankrolling two entities that are supporting far-left politicians who back defunding the police…

The joint fundraising venture, called Lead the Way 2022, includes the Way to Lead PAC, Missouri Rep. Cori Bush’s campaign committee, and the campaigns of the 12 other progressive politicians attempting to enter Congress.

George Soros and his daughter have been pumping millions into groups supporting candidates that want to defund the police. Some of these political committees back Cori Bush—a radical activist in Congress who has long called for this.

Soros himself has back “criminal justice reform” for years. That’s code for putting criminals ahead of law-abiding citizens. He has supported activists that call for the dismantling of local police departments.

This is pretty ironic given Biden’s recent claims. Old Joe has come out in recent months, denying Democrats supported the “defund” movement. His press secretary, Jen Psaki, even suggested it was Republicans who supported defunding police.

They don’t have a leg to stand on given Soros’ endorsements.

At least 12 progressives running for Congress are taking money from this mega-donor. All of them embrace radical policies that would defund cops, empty our jails, and flood our streets with crime.

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