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Hours After New York Democrat Leader Arrested – The Lieutenant Governor Gives Up And Resigns From Office

How did this miss CNN’s headlines? Every so often (becoming more often), we learn about local Democrats up to no good.

Unlike their D.C. allies, these Democrats don’t seem very good at hiding their indiscretions. This one rose to a prominent position within New York State—very close to the governor herself.

But the truth came out over what he was allegedly up to. He was arrested by the Feds and quickly resigned in disgrace. Who was it? The freaking lieutenant governor!

From Townhall:

On Tuesday morning, now-former Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin surrendered himself to authorities after which he resigned his post in Gov. Kathy Hochul’s administration less than one year after being appointed as her second-in-command.

U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Damian Williams characterized the charges against Benjamin — including  bribery, honest services wire fraud, and conspiracy to commit those offenses — as “a simple story of corruption.”

Wow, you really have to question Gov. Hochul’s judgment after this. Her right-hand man, Brian Benjamin, was arrested by federal authorities over “bribery, wire fraud, and conspiracy.”

Not great, Brian, not great. Apparently, he was under investigation even as Hochul asked him to join her team. You’d think her people would have vetted this guy? Maybe make a few phone calls?

I’m sure they would have figured out that he had some big red flags.

The Department of Justice is claiming Benjamin used his authority as a state senator to “direct a state-funded grant to an organization controlled by a real estate developer in exchange for campaign contributions.”

Where have we heard stories like that before? Oh, all the time, when state and local Democrats are examined.

It’s amazing that so many of these politicians are caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Do Democrats just think being elected to office puts you above the law?

Perhaps this is the very reason many of them enter politics in the first place?

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