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Nancy Pelosi Lands In Hot Water Twice – Family Member Scores Government Position And She’s Vulnerable In Her Own Backyard

Let it never be said that politicians don’t know how to cash in on “public service.” Family members of the most powerful Democrats in D.C. always seem to end up in sweet gigs.

That was true for Clinton, Obama, and Biden. And it’s also true for good old Nancy Pelosi.

One of her relatives just got a big job at HUD. From Fox News:

Alexis Pelosi has been appointed as a senior adviser in HUD’s Office of Community Planning and Development, the department announced Monday…

“Alexis’ appointment is the result of her demonstrated background in housing and policy,” HUD told Fox News Digital. “We are excited to welcome her to the team.”

Suuuuure. Alexis’ new gig has nothing to do with the fact that she’s related to the Speaker of the House. That will certainly raise some eyebrows once Republicans retake the House.

But maybe Pelosi won’t even be around to see it?

From Fox News:

Voters in San Francisco told Fox News they are not satisfied with their representatives in Washington, D.C., and criticized two long-standing politicians…

“If she does run again, even though people don’t change, there’s going to have to be a lot of change,” Klay said…

“I think there’s got to be a change,” Gianni said. “When we’re left for dead over here on the streets … and all the storefront owners, and all the cars are broken into, there’s got to be a change.”

Woah. Could a red wave be coming to San Francisco? We can’t be sure, but many voters in Pelosi’s own neck of the woods are getting tired of the same old, same old.

Normally, in a blue district, that means some crackpot progressive steals a seat from an old, stodgy moderate Democrat. But some of the issues people are having come from the rise in crime.

One voter complained about stores and cars getting broken into. He even said they feel “left for dead.”

We all know a progressive isn’t going to change that. In fact, if voters replace Pelosi with some radical socialist, crime will only rise. That’s because they are almost certain to encourage “defund the police.”

This comes as increased scrutiny hits Pelosi over the recent appointment of her relative Alexis to HUD. Alexis Pelosi will enjoy a sweet gig that probably amounts to a desk job. She will be collecting a big paycheck, but will perhaps do very little.

Pelosi certainly resembles the established D.C. swamp that takes so much but delivers so little. Even liberal voters are getting sick of her. And they might kick her to the curb.

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