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Biden Hammered By The Liberal Media – CNN Admits Joe Has Record-Breaking Low Approval Stats

Folks like us have been preaching the gospel on Joe Biden for over a year, now. We’ve exposed his failures and, more importantly, how much Americans are disgusted by him.

But, even into this year, the liberal media has done a lot to ignore Joe’s failures. They’ve even helped spread his scapegoating, blaming everything and everyone but Joe.

Now, the truth is catching up to them.

Getting so bad, they had to admit Joe’s broke a shocking record:

The pundits on CNN were forced to acknowledge Biden’s terrible approval numbers. They pointed out four new polls, from major outlets, that show Biden’s numbers as the lowest ever.
In three out of four of them, he tied for the lowest approval he’s ever had. And in the other, he was only one point higher.
It got worse from there. CNN had to point out that Biden’s net approval rating on the economy is the WORST for a president ever.
It stands at -23 points, worse than Jimmy Carter, who lost re-election over the economy.
That’s consistent with other bad news for old Joe. He’s even losing young voters, who almost all vote for Democrats.
From Zero Hedge:
Joe Biden’s recent job approval ratings, which are averaging 14 points lower than those early in his presidency, have declined far more among younger than older generations of Americans.
Younger Americans are dumping on Joe because they are getting hurt the most by his economy. Older generations, who are already retired or working, aren’t trying to compete in this broken market.
But younger Americans, trying to find their first jobs or buy their first homes, are getting wrecked. And they are placing the blame squarely on Joe.
It’s not clear how or even if Joe and the Democrats can remedy this problem. But it spells disaster for the party in the upcoming midterms. They might lose big time, given these numbers.

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