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Democrats Claim Trump Could Be Their ‘Secret Weapon’ – They Think Donald Can Tank 2022 Midterms For GOP

Democrats really have lost it, haven’t they? Their man has the worst approval ratings we’ve ever seen.

Polls show Republican beating Democrats by double digits. Americans are expressing increasing outrage against the left’s “woke” again.

So, what are Democrats doing about it? Absolutely nothing. Their last hope? That Trump will someone save them.

From The Hill:

Democrats know just how bad an environment they face heading into November’s midterm elections but hold out hope from an unlikely quarter: former President Trump.

Democrats believe Trump’s backing of flawed candidates in Republican primaries could saddle the GOP with losers in the general election.

They also hope Trump will retain his status as a powerful motivator of Democratic voters even when he isn’t on the ballot.

Lol, wow, Democrats really are stupid, huh? They have no plan left for winning the midterms.

Their plans for the country over the last few years have crashed and burned. They lost “safe” seats like Virginia’s governorship last year.

And they continue to let Biden push unpopular policies, while they call for defunding the police and socialism.

Yet they think Donald Trump’s influence in the upcoming election is going to save them. Here’s why they’re wrong.

Donald Trump’s endorsement record is nearly flawless. The candidates he supports nearly always win. The idea that Trump’s influence will hurt Republicans is a fantasy.

Democrats hope hatred for Trump will send Democrat voters rushing to the polls. Not good enough. Virginia’s liberal candidate for governor tried that, but it failed. For one good reason: Trump’s not on the ballot.

On top of that, even Democrat voters hate Joe Biden and his party at this point. It’s Joe who’s tanked the economy, mandated vaccines, created inflation, and crippled our energy policy.

Voters from both aisles know it is Biden’s fault we are in the mess we are in now. The polls prove that much. All the Trump slander in the world isn’t going to change that.

Either Democrat voters will stay home in November, disgusted by their own party, or they’ll switch sides.

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