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Woke Student Folds Like A Deck Of Cards After Be Given A Hard Dose Of Reality VIDEO

The woke are loud but the truth is when they are confronted over their ideas they fall like a deck of cards.

A shining example of this is what occurred during a Ben Shapiro event at the University of North Carolina’s Greensboro campus.

Shapiro was confronted by a student who claimed to be a mathematician who “has won awards” and stated the conservative speaker was using “old data” to define gender dysphoria.

Much to the dismay of the woke student, Shapiro said that the data used in his speech was taken from the most recent update of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorders (DSM 5).

Knowing that his talking point went up in smoke the self-proclaimed “very smart” mathematician/physicist insulted Shapiro.

“You sound like a bozo, bro,” the student said. “And you get no p***y and you can’t even get your wife wet, bro, so what’s good?”

“So, the nice thing about having several small children is I don’t feel the necessity to have my masculinity challenged by someone like you,” Shapiro rebutted.

Not knowing what to say the “award winning” mathematician claimed that gender identity is a “western colonial idea.”

“You’re right, men and women don’t exist in any other culture,” Shapiro sarcastically shot back. “You’re right. Nailed it.”

Out of talking points and ideas, the “very smart” physicist started yelling that he’s an expert and shouldn’t be questioned.

It was at that moment Shapiro called him out using the woke student’s own tactics against him.

Shapiro then asked, “as a mathematician and physicist, what in the hell do you know about human biology that allows you to deny it?”

“One other thing,” Shapiro said. “If your logic is so flawed as a mathematician and physicist, I would suggest that whichever institution gave you an award, revoke it immediately.”

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