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After Biden Plans Federal School Crackdown – 18 Governors Accuse The Feds Of Charter School Power Grab

Do you really think Joe Biden and his handlers want children thriving? Democrats were outraged when Florida passed a law banning certain talk in public schools.

Liberals have long hated charter schools and school choices, which take money from corrupt unions and give power back to parents. So, Joe tried to push rules that gave the federal government greater power over grants.

So, 18 governors are fighting back.

From The Washington Times:

Eighteen Republican governors slammed Monday the Biden administration’s effort to restrict federal grants to charter schools, accusing the administration of seeking to position itself as a “national charter school board.”

“We oppose any attempts by the federal government to act as a national charter school board, impose a top-down and one-size-fits-all approach, and undermine the authority of parents to choose the educational option best for their child,” said the comment from the red-state governors.

With more parents and states pushing back against the federal government’s agenda for schools, Biden is getting desperate. His education secretary is trying to exert control over federal grants to charter schools.

So, 18 Republican governors are pushing back. Most likely, they will not comply with the short “comment period.” Perhaps even taking this issue to court.

This comes after an ongoing battle between parents and public schools. Lockdowns allowed parents, perhaps for the first time, to see what public school teachers were teaching their students.

Parents have stood up to the left’s agenda to push CRT and other ideas onto children. In response, Biden’s DOJ branded parents as a threat.

But that hasn’t stopped a major exodus from public schools. Homeschooling remains high, even after schools reopened. And more parents want school choice so they can send their children to charter schools or other options.

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