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Biden’s EPA Caught Using ‘Rescue Plan Funds’ – Report Claims They Used Millions For ‘Green Infrastructure’

Since 2020, Joe Biden has claimed the pandemic required a radical new approach to leading the country. Since becoming “president,” he has frequently demanded Congress pump out more cash to deal with this shrinking crisis.

I guess you’d expect Biden’s approach to provide unprecedented help with the virus? Then why did it take so long for the vaccines to be rolled out? And why was there a test shortage at the end of 2021?

Perhaps this has something to do with it. Government agencies were burning through COVID funds, but for anything but COVID.

From Fox News:

The EPA’s Environmental Justice Small Grants Program recently announced it is using $1.6 million of American Rescue Plan funds to award grants to “federally recognized tribal governments to establish or modify public participation programs where fair treatment and meaningful participation priorities have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Well, well, look at this. The EPA is using millions from COVID funding for programs that have little or no connection to the pandemic. In fact, most of the money is going to fund “green infrastructure” or “environmental justice.”

Sorry, but when the American people were told these trillions of dollars were going to battle the pandemic, what were they thinking?

That this money would be used to provide materials, equipment, and other resources for stopping the virus.

What does “green infrastructure” have to do with COVID? And why is COVID money going to address the left’s radical idea of “environmental justice”?

We can only conclude that Biden’s agencies are cutting and running with this COVID money. They are grabbing it up by the handfuls, using it for almost anything.

There appears to be zero oversight by the administration to ensure this money is being used for the intended purpose.

In private business, if you use money for something other than its allocated purpose, you could be charged with fraud. If candidates use campaign cash for personal use, they can go to jail.

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