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3 Big Blue States Face Major Accusation – They Used Taxpayer Relief Funds For CRT Training In Cali NY And Illinois

Fallout of the 2020 crisis has resulted in numerous Americans fleeing blue states. Yet these states continue to push policies that outrage Americans.

Millions of parents discovered, during lockdowns, the kind of things public schools were teaching their kids. It triggered a war that continues to rage over the curriculum in government-run schools.

Now, we are learning that three major blue states used “relief funds” to further pollute school curricula, in the form of CRT.

From Fox News:

Blue states across the country are using billions of taxpayer dollars from President Biden’s $1.9 trillion C19 relief package to push core tenets of critical race theory (CRT) in public schools…

However, the law provided over $122 billion for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER), which helped multiple states implement “implicit bias” and “anti-racism” training, among other programs.

California, Illinois, and New York apparently used funding from the “American Rescue Plan” (the bill that triggered our current inflation crisis) to provide CRT content.

These public schools used money meant to reopen after lockdowns to push “implicit bias” and “anti-racism” training.

This kind of talk is what has outraged millions of parents across the country. Critical race theory is a far-left ideology that rewrites our history and identity. It paints all non-minorities as racists, including our founding fathers.

“Implicit bias” means white people are racist without even knowing it and require “training” to avoid it. It’s right out of 1984, when the totalitarian government subjected citizens to “training” to break their wills.

Democrats have embraced this kind of radical thinking to further push their political aims—at the expense of truth and freedom.

Parents have fought ferociously over the last year to expose and reject this teaching. Yet in three states, they blew through billions to support it.

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