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Biden’s Titanic Is Sinking Faster Than Expected – He’s ‘Underwater’ Now In 40 States Approval Rating

Since August 2021, Biden has watched his approval slip. In the ensuing months, he only doubled down on the policies that were hurting him (and us).

But national polls might not give us the best picture. How do voters, from state to state, approve of this man?

One poll took a look at the situation, state by state. And it’s not great, for old Joe.

From Morning Consult:

Biden is underwater by double digits in 33 states, from conservative enclaves such as West Virginia and Wyoming, to battlegrounds that were pivotal to his 2020 victory, such as Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

In just 10 states and the District of Columbia do more voters approve than disapprove of Biden’s job performance, though even those spreads have shrunk dramatically since the end of the first quarter of 2021.

Morning Consult conducted a state-to-state poll of Joe Biden’s performance. And despite having a reputation for oversampling Democrats, this polling firm confirmed just how bad Biden is doing.

In 40 states, his disapproval is higher than his approval. In 33 states, he is “underwater” by double digits. And even in the states that do approve, the numbers have dropped “dramatically” since last year.

The biggest moves have come from independent voters. It doesn’t seem that any of them, in any state, approve of Biden. But even liberals in deep-blue states are losing respect for Joe.

I guess that’s what happens when you tank the economy, open the border, shut down the energy industry—and blame all of this on somebody else.

Some of the changes are incredibly dramatic. In Arizona, for example, independents were split in Q1 2021, with 44% approval and 45% disapproval. Today, that stands at 60% disapproval and 33% approval.

I guess that has something to do with the 2 million migrants that flooded the country, huh?

In states like Colorado, the numbers flipped. Fifty-four percent of independents disapprove of Biden, up from 37% last year. His approval dropped from 53% to 39%.

That trend carries nearly everywhere. You really have to wonder what his administration is thinking right now.

Are they even trying to win back Americans? Not based on what they’re actually doing. They just announced a “Disinformation Governance Board” that smacks of an attack on free speech.

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