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NY Democrat Implosion Blows Back On Congress – Resignation Forces 33rd House Dem Loss For Midterms

Not many days pass, when we learn about a local Democrat in hot water. Recently, the lieutenant governor of New York was forced to resign, after being arrested by federal authorities.

(That is only months after the last governor had to resign in disgrace.)

The current governor, Kathy Hochul, had to quickly cover up her mistake in not vetting Brian Benjamin well enough. She is scrambling to pick her replacement.

Which just took another Democrat from the House.

From Just the News:

New York Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul has named Rep. Antonio Delgado as her new lieutenant governor – following the  arrest, then resignation last month of Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin on charges of bribery and campaign finance fraud…

In going to Albany, Delgado becomes the 33rd House Democrat to not seek 2022 reelection, adding to his party’s challenges to retain control of the chamber in November, or at least minimize Republicans’ expected gains.

Gov. Hochul is recruiting Antonio Delgado to become her next lieutenant governor. Delgado is a congressman from the House.

He will be leaving Congress, opening up another vacant seat that Democrats will have to fight for.

That makes 33 Democrats leaving the House after the midterms. Those were 33 seats that should have had incumbents.

But now they are toss-ups, making it that much harder for Democrats to hold onto their majority.

Currently, they only have a five-seat majority. That’s barely anything. It won’t take much for Republicans to flip that kind of situation.

But to lose 33 congressmen on top of that? That puts Democrats in a very bad position.

Keep in mind, polls have generic Republicans beating Democrats by double digits. And Joe Biden’s horrible approval numbers continue to get worse.

It’s pretty ironic that this scandal is hurting Democrats in more ways than one. Gov. Hochul is embarrassed for picking a man mired in scandal.

Now, she has to fill his job by taking someone from Congress—making Pelosi’s job even harder.

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