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After White House Labels MAGA ‘Extremists’ – Psaki Actually Claims Protesting At Justices’ Homes Is Not Extreme

The hypocrisy coming from the left these days is beyond imagination. When Elon Musk promised to make Twitter a free speech platform, the government announced a “disinformation” board.

When Joe Biden called millions of Americans “extremists,” nobody in the media batted an eye.

Yet Americans are seeing a different story unfold. A story where leftists are giving out the home addresses of our conservative Supreme Court justices to “protest.”

Despite this extremist behavior, Jen Psaki refuses to call it out.

From Twitter:

Just months before consequential elections, Democrats are trying to wage a propaganda campaign to gaslight Americans.

Biden calls “MAGA folks”—people who supported Trump and America-first policies—“extremists.” That kind of language is an attempt to convince the rest of America that conservatives are dangerous and capable of anything.

Yet the real “extremism” appears to be coming from the left. Over the entire summer of 2020, Democrats refused to condemn rioting and looting in numerous cities.

They even posted bail for looters, who went back to looting.

Today, Democrats are applauding (and most likely funding and organizing) plans by radical activists to doxx and trespass on Supreme Court justices’ homes. All in the name of intimidating these justices who are simply doing their job.

Psaki, refusing to call this heinous activity extreme, claims these are simply women “worried about their fundamental rights.”

Fundamental rights? Since when does the Constitution justify harassment for abortion, which many in the country and apparently the majority of the Supreme Court according to the leaked draft opinion do not believe is a fundamental Constitutional right?

Democrats think they can call evil good and good evil. They cast stones at Republicans who simply want to protect unborn children and see taxes go down.

Yet they applaud people willing to break the law to get their political aims met.

Who do you stand with—our Supreme Court Justices or these so-called “protesters?”

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