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After Florida Gets A Major Population Surge – Report Shows The Only Party Benefiting From It Will Be Republicans


It’s no secret that historically blue states are seeing a massive exodus right now.

People have become fed up with the local policies and they feel their “leaders” have completely failed them – in the past few years especially.

In the middle of all the recent turmoil, states showed their true colors when it comes to personal choice and freedom which resulted in blue states becoming more blue, and red states becoming more red.
A few red states have seen a record influx of newcomers from blue states like California and New York, which has left the current residents very worried.

But I’ve got some good news for you. Check out what Nelson Diaz, a Republican lobbyist, just announced:

“They are Republicans fed up with their blue laws in their blue states or they’re just independent-minded people to begin with and they’re just fed up with these blue states and they’re enjoying the freedom that Florida has to offer,” he said.

The fact of the matter is, Democrats are running off all their best citizens, and large red states like Florida and Texas are gobbling them all up.

Many of the people already in Florida and Texas are worried about the influx of all these people from blue states, but the numbers don’t paint the same picture.

From recent reports it seems the majority of those moving to Texas and Florida are republican voters. So while there may be an influx of liberals from these states, we are getting EVEN MORE republicans moving in.

So there is hope!

If you aren’t convinced, just listen to what this Democrat pollster has to say that worked on Obama’s campaign:

“When you look at what’s taken place from a numbers perspective, there’s tremendous reason for concern,” Fernand Amandi, a Miami-based pollster and consultant whose firm helped Obama’s campaign win the state in 2008 and 2012.

Sounds like music to my ears!
He goes on to say,

“It’s become MAGA in exile,” Amandi explained. “Florida is now the cradle for the MAGA movement. And then you have DeSantis, who is Trump’s protege or his biggest competitor. The sentiment is if you believe in the MAGA philosophy, Florida is where you want to be.”

I know that he’s trying to make Florida sound bad, but it doesn’t sound that way to me. Funny how these Democrats seem to always find a way to shoot themselves in the foot.

So, remember this next time you are at dinner and someone is complaining about all the people from New York and California moving into Florida or Texas. In the end, it’s a good thing.

It seems with the recent influx, we are taking a majorly important voting state like Florida that has been blue in the past, and we are putting a firm red stamp on it – hopefully for good.

Let’s hope we see more of this trend elsewhere.

And here’s a note to you directly if you’re one of these blue state evacuees:

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