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Days After Gas Prices Break New Records – Biden’s DOI Somehow Decides To Cancel Large Alaska Lease Sale

If so, you’re likely feeling the pain just like everyone else in America right now. It’s gotten bad, and unfortunately, it seems like it’s going to get worse.

Check out what Biden’s DOI just did:

The Biden administration has announced that it will not go forward with planned lease sales that would have opened up areas in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska for oil and natural gas exploration.

The “green” movement has been pushing us away from gas for years now while ignoring the reality of the situation. Now don’t get me wrong, I’d love for us to move to a fully green solution and the sooner the better.

There’s just one problem.

It’s going to take decades and during that time we are going to need all the gas we can get. I know this, you know this, and Biden knows this. However, they think they can buy gas elsewhere and let other people do the “dirty” drilling and then act like we are being green by somehow doing less drilling at home.

What does that change? Absolutely NOTHING.

Whether gas is drilled by the US or somewhere else doesn’t change the amount of dirty non-friendly things that go on. You know what it does do though? It leaves us vulnerable and dependent on foreign countries to help us out. That’s bad and it makes us weak.

The action comes as, on Thursday, AAA noted the third consecutive day in which gas prices set a record. The average price of a gallon of regular gas was $4.418 Thursday, according to AAA. The average price of diesel was $5.557 per gallon, also a record for the third straight day.

Make no mistake about it folks, we are in a dire situation.

The Biden administration has now flipped the script somewhat, but in name only. They are trying to say during press conferences that we are trying to increase production inside the US now, but its a bit too late. Also, it doesn’t seem to be what’s ACTUALLY happening

According to The Hill, the two Gulf of Mexico leases were shelved due to contradictory court rulings that have made it unclear if precedence would be given to an edict from President Joe Biden freezing all leases or a five-year plan from the Interior Department that would have allowed them.

Why are they saying one thing, but doing another? Oh that’s right – that’s just what Democrats do.

They are blaming the cancellation on the lack of industry interest to invest in these new drills. Hmmmm…..I wonder why that might be, Joe?!

Why on earth would companies be shy about investing large sums of money into the oil industry when Biden ran on shrinking the oil industry and pausing new leases?

Yes Joe, you did do that. And now you have to live with the consequences in the next election.

Unfortunately, we all have to live with those consequences at all. This was preventable. And we need to take action in this coming election and in 2024 to make sure this sort of thing NEVER happens ever again.

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