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Jen Psaki Admits The Source Of “Ultra-MAGA” – The Outgoing Press Secretary Points The Finger At The “President”

The left is reeling from the prospect that Republicans will sweep the 2022 midterms.

So, they are cranking up their propaganda machine to do their best to slander America-First Republicans.

A new bogus term “Ultra-MAGA” is being circulated by the legacy media. And Jen Psaki herself admitted who came up with such a ridiculous phrase.

From YouTube:

Jen Psaki, who is leaving the sinking ship of the Biden administration for MSNBC, told reporters Joe Biden came up with the bizarre term “Ultra-MAGA.”

She offered no more explanation of this term.

Psaki claimed Biden invented this term while slandering Americans last week. You might remember how Joe Biden falsely claimed that “MAGA folks” are the “most extreme” political group in our country.

Yeah, because regular, hard-working Americans who want a safe country, a secure border, low taxes, and jobs are “extreme.”

I guess that sounds extreme to a man who has sold his soul to corporate lobbyists and China.

“Ultra-MAGA” apparently is some kind of attempt to further brand conservatives as extremists. As if people who want leaders to put America first are someone odd and rare.

But chances are, this term will become a badge of honor to those who support the MAGA vision.

It might even pop up in Republican campaigns, as they fight to retake Congress.

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