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Elon Musk Shakes Up 2024 Presidential Race – The Billionaire Just Got Honest About Joe Biden And Donald Trump


Liberals are still reeling from the news that Elon Musk is soon to acquire Twitter. Regardless of how or when that shakes out, he continues to make news on the platform.

Just this week, he commented on the state of our government. He weighed in on Sleepy Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

And it was not, perhaps, what people were expecting.

From Twitter:

Then he said this about Trump.

From Twitter:

Elon Musk criticized Joe Biden’s so-far failed presidency, saying Biden made a “mistake,” thinking people wanted him to “transform” the country.

Musk claimed people just wanted “less drama.”

He went on to say that he prefers a “less divisive” candidate to run in 2024. But he still wants Trump back on Twitter.

His views will probably rub both liberals and conservatives the wrong way. It seems Musk thinks the ideal candidate (and president) is someone who doesn’t stir up “drama.”

Instead, has the ability to bring the country together, regardless of politics.

That would be nice. But that would take a miracle of biblical proportions, at this point.

We don’t agree with his sentiment about Biden, though. Biden clearly campaigned on a “return to normalcy.” He did not promise to transform the country, but just to “build back” from 2020.

Instead, he bowed to the radical left to push radical reforms—something few voters wanted.

And while Trump might be a “divisive” candidate, he was a president who got results nobody could argue with.

On top of that, he refused to bow to the very forces Joe Biden goes out of his way to please.

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