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Protester Claims Amy Coney Barrett Is Clueless On Pregnancy – It Turns Out The Supreme Court Justice Has 5 Biological Children


Democrats, in violation of federal law, have protested outside Supreme Court justices’ homes. They seem to think they intimidate the justices into upholding Roe v. Wade.

Some of them were dressed like characters from a TV show, a tired and overdone stunt we’ve seen before.

From Fox News:

The protesters who showed up outside Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s house in Falls Church, Virginia, on Wednesday…

The protester was one of seven who showed up clad in the red garb of Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale,” a novel and Hulu series.

Only seven? Geez, Democrats, can’t find at least 10 people to just up like morons? But the stupidity of these people was on full display when they made this bogus assumption about Amy Coney Barrett.

From Fox News:

“It’s also possible that the fact that she’s an adoptive mother is influencing her inability to see what it’s like to carry a pregnancy to term,” the protester said in video obtained by Fox News Digital…

When reminded that Barrett has carried several children to term, the protester replied, “Not everybody wants to have five kids or four kids or one kid.”

Morons. These pro-choice goons’ arguments are falling apart right in front of our eyes.

One of the unoriginal “handmaidens” marching outside ACB’s home claimed the female justice didn’t have the right to decide on abortion—because he was only an “adoptive” mother.

The protester seemed to be saying Barrett can’t decide on abortion policy, because she never carried babies?

Can’t be sure if that’s what she was saying because, like Joe Biden, Democrats keep making no sense.

But it was pointed out to this protester that Justice Barrett has five biological children in addition to two adopted children.

Clearly, she knows what it’s like to have many children—and raise even more. If there was anyone that had a good perspective on pregnancy, marriage, and children, it’s her.

But did that convince this protester? Of course not. Even when proven wrong, the person fumbles with another argument unconnected with the last one.

“Not everybody wants to have five kids or four kids or one kid.” Uh… that has nothing to do with what she said just a minute before.

I’ll spare this person’s embarrassment by not explaining how easy it is to not have children, without having an abortion.

But that doesn’t matter. The left’s arguments supporting this heinous practice can’t hold water.

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