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Clarence Thomas Turns The Tables On Democrats – The Supreme Court Justice Says Leak Changed Court Forever

Many Americans were outraged when someone within the Supreme Court leaked a draft opinion. Many Americans, except Democrats. Instead, they were outraged that the court was going to overturn an old ruling—something the Supreme Court does all the time.

Experts explained the leak was meant to undermine the court’s ability to judge. We’ve seen Democrats protest to intimidate the court into changing its decision—something that is against federal law.

Now, Supreme Court Justice Thomas is explaining the damage this leak has done to our highest court.

From Fox News:

“I do think that what happened at the court is tremendously bad… I wonder how long we’re going to have these institutions at the rate we’re undermining them,” Thomas said at the Old Parkland Conference…

“When you lose that trust, especially in the institution that I’m in, it changes the institution fundamentally. You begin to look over your shoulder. It’s like kind of an infidelity that you can explain it, but you can’t undo it,” Thomas added.

Clarence Thomas condemned the leak that exposed the court to protests, rioting, and possible threats of harm. He said such a leak—which had never been done before in our nation’s history—changed the court forever.

Contrast this to Ketanji Brown Jackson, the newly selected SCOTUS Justice, who in an interview would not speak positively or negatively on the leak itself. That’s a Democrat for you, refusing to defend the sacred institution of the Supreme Court.

The justices on this court—and judges on any court—must be free to make rulings based on the law and evidence presented to them. They cannot be swayed by public opinion and outside influences.

But now, thanks to this leak, the justices will forever be looking over their shoulders, as Thomas explained. They will now always fear leaks and other activities that would undermine their decisions.

Secrecy, as it has been explained, is needed so justices can freely debate a case. But the justices didn’t even think such a leak could occur; they just assumed Americans had too much respect for the court.

Not these days. Democrats have made it clear that they care more about their agenda and power than respecting our nation’s institutions.

We can’t predict what will happen now. But hopefully, the court will be able to implement rules from preventing this from happening ever again.

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