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Washington Elite Caught Getting Special Perks – House Staff Are Loading Up On Booze Delivery Peloton Subscription

Thanks to Biden’s economic policies, Americans are hurting like never before. Inflation is sky-high, affecting the cost of food, clothing, and other necessities.

Energy bills and gas are through the roof. And because of Biden’s refusal to fix the supply chain, items like baby formula are running out.

So, how is the House handling these various crises? By giving themselves free gym memberships and booze!

From The Hill:

New perks and services in the works for House staff — particularly Peloton app memberships and direct-to-office alcohol delivery — are getting pushback from Republicans…

In addition, a draft memo obtained by The Hill that was expected to go out to House staff last week said that the House Center for Well-Being will make Peloton Corporate Wellness benefits available to House staff, including district staff and members of U.S. Capitol Police. The Peloton All-Access and Peloton App membership do not include or require a bike but do include thousands of on-demand classes.

Okay, let’s get this straight. As Americans struggle to pay their bills, the House is giving its members free Peloton memberships and deliveries of alcohol “on demand”?

And Democrats wonder why Americans are so outraged?

These perks were signed off by Nancy Pelosi, who seems entirely unconcerned by the many problems Americans are facing. These perks include a new service allows House members to stock up on booze.

I guess it’s more important to these lawmakers to have a steady supply of drinks—than actually serving the American public.

The Peloton subscriptions have also been extended to district staff and even Capitol Police. Memberships can cost hundreds of dollars a year or more—depending on the features.

Um… why the heck can’t these people buy their own memberships? And get their own alcohol? Why do taxpayers have to flip the bill for these perks, even as we struggle to make ends meet?

Republicans are blasting Democrats like Pelosi, who appointed the people approving these perks. So far, Democrats have not responded to media questions about these perks.

No doubt, Pelosi will defend these purchases and claim they are necessary. Then quickly revoke them or hid them under the rug.

But we know what they are up to. And if they think they can keep their jobs, come November, they are dreaming.

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