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Biden Embarrasses America On The World Stage – Two Of His Secret Service Agents Were Just Sent Back To America

From the very start of this administration, we’ve known one thing: Biden is hiring the worst of the worst.

The shockingly low standards of this White House have resulted in crises and economic decline. Now, even the Secret Service can’t even keep things together.

Because they just embarrassed America overseas.

From Fox News:

Two U.S. Secret Service agents in South Korea were sent stateside ahead of President Biden’s arrival following their involvement in an off-duty alcohol-related incident…

Both agents apparently became intoxicated while not on duty.  One of the agents then got into an altercation with a cab driver…

“The Secret Service is aware of an off-duty incident involving two employees which may constitute potential policy violations,” USSS chief spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told Fox News.

How pathetic. The Secret Service sent agents ahead of a trip to provide logistical planning. But two of those agents, while off duty, got into a drunken fight with a cab driver.

The Secret Service was forced to send them back to the U.S. The office claims they will receive “disciplinary action” whatever that means.

(Chances are they will get two weeks of paid leave and a slap on the wrist.)

This is embarrassing for more than just these two officers. The Secret Service works for the president and represents our entire country.

But this administration is so mismanaged that they are hiring agents who can’t even hold their alcohol. Or, at the very least, know they need to be above reproach while overseas.

We shouldn’t be too surprised, though. In other departments, Biden’s administration has prioritized woke politics over duty.

The Pentagon is dragging down our Armed Forces with CRT training and transgender issues. Our soldiers are not learning how to defend our country, but are being brainwashed by leftist dogma.

Why would it be any different inside the Secret Service? This agency, thanks to Biden’s woke priorities, is probably more concerned with the proper gender pronouns to use, than doing their jobs.

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